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BASF is amongst the market leaders in the water-based und UV curing coatings market. Important brands in this area are: Acronal®, Joncryl® and Luhydran® for water-based coatings and Laromer® and Lucirin® for UV curing coatings.

The most important markets in this segment are wood, metal and plastic coatings. For wood furniture and flooring are the most important sub segments for metal the medium duty anti-corrosive paints and general industrial coatings.

BASF Coatings business is a growing division with innovative differentiated products, focused on the industrial market, but servicing a variety of applications within the paint industry.

BASF pioneered in several acrylic monomers, polymers and processing technologies, allowing us to offer truly unique products.

Printing and Packaging

BASF is a worldwide market leader in the Printing & Packaging industry. BASF Printing and Packaging business unit produces some forty different solid resins and polymers for the printing industry. The polymers form the basis of water-based ink and overprint lacquers for flexographic and gravure printing. The inks produced from these polymers are suitable for printing on paper, corrugated cardboard and flexible packaging. Food packaging is one of BASF most important markets, since Joncryl ® DFC products are approved by the FDA (the America Food and Drug Administration) for direct food contact (DFC). In addition, increasingly, the inks are used for printing newspapers and magazines.

Water-based technologies

Rheology-Controlled(RC) emulsions
RC emulsions offer many distinct advantages to the formulators.
- Near Newtonian rheology-solution-like viscosity at high and low shear rates.
- Excellent application properties - consistent rheological behavior and excellent flow and leveling.
- High gloss and DOI Manufacturing ease - inherently rugged emulsions allow for ease of manufacture and fewer problem batches.

Cross-linkable and self-crosslinking acrylic dispersion
These as well offer many distinct advantages to the formulators.
- Improved mechanical resistant products
- Improved chemical resistant products and durability
- Broad compatibility to various other formulation ingredients

Solid Grade Oligomer(SGO) resins
Acrylic resins made via the SGO process can be utilized in high and powder coatings as well as waterborne products for inks, overprint varnishes and coatings.
Advantages include:
- Narrow molecular weight distribution
- Lower viscosity/VOC
- Excellent application properties

All kind of hybrids based on in-house technologies e.g. polyurethane dispersions and polyurethane acrylic hybrids.

UV curing technologies

Speciality oligomers
A broad technology spectrum developed to suit all kinds of individual applications.
The BASF range is based on our own propriety monomers and consist of a full toolbox to ensure ease of application and guarantee superior film properties.

Functional monomers
The highly consistent quality functional monomers are an extensive toolbox allowing you to come up with the optimal formulation.

High quality photo initiators
Acylphosphine oxide technology offer a number of benefits in your application:
- absorption in the longer-wave UV spectrum
- formulation of very low-odor inks and coatings
- most suitable for inert-atmosphere UV curing
- good through-curing of thick films
- negligible emissions and migration
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